Binding Rulings, Tax Disputes and Reviews

Binding Rulings:  With the need for greater certainty in tax, there has been an increase in requests for binding rulings. We have specialist expertise in preparing binding ruling applications and a strong working knowledge of how the binding ruling process works.  Binding rulings should be considered, for instance, when restructuring business affairs or entering into new business ventures and when Inland Revenue confirmation that a transaction/structure is not a tax avoidance arrangement is considered prudent.

Tax Disputes, Disclosures and Reviews:  A good working relationship with Inland Revenue is important to resolve tax matters expediently. We work alongside clients to consider practical issues such as when to make a disclosure, when to initiate a tax dispute, when to apply for a binding ruling and when purchasing tax is a good option.  We prepare voluntary disclosures, tax dispute documents as well as dealing with Inland Revenue in relation to tax risk reviews, audits and the like.